Don’t let this world’s system put its limitations on you. It’s time to know who you are.

This society (world) has brainwashed US to seek WEALTH (material things) throughout OUR lives. In 2009, I was awakened by TRUTH.  I discovered this world’s system was presented to us from birth to manipulate and distort the brilliant mind God gave us.   

Since then, I continuously seek TRUTH and exercise God’s power within me.  Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding is the PATH to “GOD’S KINGDOM”.  It lives within you.

You are a masterpiece of God’s creation.  People will say, you don’t measure up. Don’t listen to what people say you are, listen to God.

God has his purpose for you to fulfill.  Take off the damaged goods label that society gave you from birth. Shake it off and prepare your mind for the great things God wants you to do. 

Don’t let your thoughts destroy you.  Everyone makes mistakes. Seek righteousness. Men don’t determine your destiny, God does.  All of us have flaws and weaknesses.  None of us is perfect.  This is not the end of your story.  God is going to take your weakness and make you stronger.  

book cover singleWe were not meant to live a defeated life.  Don’t let this world’s system put its limitations on you. We might be in a limited environment, but it should not limit our life purpose.  

Our creation is not to be followers but to be creators. Nothing in your life will ever change if you don’t take action. 

Are you ready to break through the barriers to discover who you really are?


Breakthrough with Dr. Melida Harris Barrow’s new book, Unveiling the Illusion and discover who you really are.


To purchase Dr. Melida Harris Barrow’s book visit:


Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.  Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

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