A message to our youth in the world.

A message to our youth in the world.

Believe in yourself!
Trust your instincts!
Love yourself!
Stay positive!
Stay focus!
Dream with action!
Be selfless!
Respect yourself!
Seek Truth!
Don’t let your friends & family discourage You!
Seek, knowledge, wisdom & understanding!
Don’t ever take anything for granted!
Count your blessings!
Respect your elders!
Be patient & kind!
Be cautious!
Changing the world starts with you!
Be wise!
Check your character if needed!
Walk away from negativity
Be the man/woman God created you to be!
Your title does not define you!
Protect your mind!
Help one another to succeed!
Know who you are!
Question your traditions, culture and rituals!

Look in the mirror & tell yourself every day “I am Great And Powerful”.


Dr. Melida A. Harris Barrow “mom”
We believe in you!
Love you all!

Pass it on!


book cover single
You can purchase Dr. Barrow’s book @ http://www.unveilingtheillusion.com or Hyperurl.co/cqz669





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